2 Months Old

Six years ago Elaine and I went to see The Police in Dallas. We had just decided to have a baby, and we were pretty sure it would happen soon. It took a little longer than we expected, but here we are.

Big Vaccine Day

Today Nathan had his first big round of vaccines. Mom had to work, so it was just me and the boy. He had 3 shots in his right thigh, 1 in his left and 1 liquid dropped in his mouth. This is him just before all the shots: During the shots he screamed. And screamed. […]

Week 2, Day 1…

…of Dad being home with The Boy. After his outing on Saturday he’s been sleeping less during the day, with shorter naps that he resists. With just less than 8 weeks under his belt, it’s hard to tell when something new that he’s done for two days is the beginning of a trend or just […]

Week One

The first week of paternity leave went pretty well. Tuesday was super easy, all playing and napping and casually eating. This made me overconfident. Wednesday he had an upset stomach and was really, really crabby. This made things much more difficult, and I was pretty sure I was doing a terrible job and he hated […]

6 Weeks

I started paternity leave last Thursday, 10/10, and it will run through 12/02. 54 days at home with Nathan. I’ll try to make some more regular posts while I’m home, but I can’t promise these production values every time. I present “The Many Noises of Nathaniel Stuart McGinty.”

Daily Pictures

Elaine sends me pictures of Nathan via chat during the day while I’m at work. Here’s a selection of some that haven’t already been posted here.