Weekend Fun

On Saturday we went to the Texas Memorial Museum to look at dinosaur bones. Nate seemed right on the edge of fully appreciating them. One minute he’d be really excited and want to get in the display with the bones, the next he’d be just as excited about going up and down stairs. After that […]


We were listening to “Blue Monday” by New Order in the car on the way to school today. Nate: Daddy, this is for DANCING. I turn around to look and yep, he’s dancing in his carseat.

It’s ok…

Leaving school today, we saw a baby crying. I stopped and tried to soothe him by smiling, making sounds, etc. It did not work. Nate: Daddy, that baby does not like you. Me: He sure doesn’t. Nate: It’s ok daddy, Nate loves you.


First time “using” chopsticks. I’m always impressed by how he will immediately try to master any new skill.

2016, Day 16.125: Three in the AM

Little man has been sick. Nothing serious but it took a week, two doctor visits and a lot of missed sleep and work to get him back to his usual self. He’s been getting up at night to cough; the cough is gone but the habit of waking up for a drink and a story […]

2016, Day Six

And today he was a delight. Happy, polite, please and thank you. Such are the mood swings of a toddler. 

2016, Day Five: Awake

Well, he got a bath on the 5th. There was much screaming. Also he was up from around 1am to around 3am. I’m tired. Hopefully the evening of the 6th will be smoother.

2016, Day Four: First Day of School

Well, sorta. He’s been going Thursday-Friday up until now. Today he starts going 5 days a week. I expect there will be more to say about that towards the end of the week. He also ate, and enjoyed, broccoli at the dinner table for the first time. He’s starting to refuse to do things and […]

2016, Day Three: Smart and Clumsy

SMART: “I want that.” “No, Daddy’s using this piece of paper to make a grocery list. See, I write down everything I want to buy so I don’t forget anything.” Writes Dog Food on list. “That says DOG.” !!! CLUMSY: While I’m at the store, he’s in his crib our bed playing the game where […]

2016, Day Two: Party Time

The big event today was a party at Laura and Chris’s house in the evening. They were visiting from China for the holidays and had some people over. The Doughty’s were there with Olivia, who is a week younger than the boy, and the Finfer’s were there with Hannah, who is not yet two. He […]