Advent Calendars, Day 3

Lego: Smiling Curling Guy Bonne Maman: Strawberry – Wild Strawberry E: This seems like a stretch. Me: Tastes like strawberry. The Boy: I don’t really like this one.

Advent Calendars, Day 2

LEGO The LEGO build today was a snowball catapult. The boy thought it was pretty cool. Bonne Maman The jam today was an Orange-Mandarin Spread. This was like an orange marmalade but less bitter. The boy’s verdict: This is pretty good!

Advent Calendars, Day 1

We got Lego and Bonne Maman advent calendars this year. Lego Tiny snowplow. Bonne Maman Cherry Blackberry Spread. Mainly just tasted sweet to us, but saved by a bit of cherry tartness in the finish. Boy verdict: I really like it!