Four weeks old

Tonight at 9:34 Rhett and I will split a beer, and toast the boy’s first four weeks. The boy himself will likely be passed out. He partied hard this weekend; as evidence I offer: Mom was not so good with the focus, but you get the idea. The Boy did well the day of the […]

The First Leap

So babies apparently have developmental “leaps”, during which they gain some new mental or physical ability over the course of a week or two. Nathan started his first leap this week. It made him grumpy. He seems to be on the back end of it, and he has gained the ability to see things at […]

Almost 3 (weeks)

Amongst all the talk of bodily functions in the last post I forgot to report on his week over week progress. His weight went from 8 lbs to 8 lbs 15 ozs. He would’ve been on track with only an ounce a day in weight gain, so 15 ounces in 7 days is another example […]

Two Weeks

Yesterday was Nathan’s 2 week birthday, and a big day out and about. We went to Elaine’s c-section followup with Dr. Phillips in the morning, where he pooped and ate. Then we drove through P. Terry’s where we got some burgers and he pooped. We drove to Apple, where he charmed everyone (after being changed). […]

A Day Of Firsts

Today The Boy had his first (washcloth) bath. I would’ve taken pictures but we were so incompetent at it that it took all 4 of our hands to accomplish. He also went on his first walk outside in his stroller. We only made it about 2/3 of the way to the end of the street […]