2016, Day Three: Smart and Clumsy


“I want that.”

“No, Daddy’s using this piece of paper to make a grocery list. See, I write down everything I want to buy so I don’t forget anything.”

Writes Dog Food on list.

“That says DOG.”



While I’m at the store, he’s in his crib our bed playing the game where he races a car or animal, in this case a chicken, around and around the rim at the top bed. Through some combination of running and jumping and being 2, he went over the top off the side and landed on the floor, on his forehead. EDIT: Apparently I got some of the facts wrong.

Elaine called the nurse line to be informed that, “Eh, kids fall on their heads. Don’t worry unless he starts to barf.” Which he didn’t. But he did look cute holding a colorful ice pack on his head.


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