Two Weeks

Yesterday was Nathan’s 2 week birthday, and a big day out and about. We went to Elaine’s c-section followup with Dr. Phillips in the morning, where he pooped and ate. Then we drove through P. Terry’s where we got some burgers and he pooped. We drove to Apple, where he charmed everyone (after being changed). Lastly we went to his pediatrician, where he pooped, peed on mom, peed out of his diaper somehow while Dr. Howard examined him, then pooped again. At that point we were out of diapers and exhausted, so we went home.

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    Aunt Marilyn

    Glad to hear Nathaniel’s plumbing system is working well. We are home after 3 weeks away so will be following his progress more closely. The pictures posted earlier were great. Hope you all are enjoying the new experiences, despite the learning curve.

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