The First Leap

So babies apparently have developmental “leaps”, during which they gain some new mental or physical ability over the course of a week or two. Nathan started his first leap this week. It made him grumpy. He seems to be on the back end of it, and he has gained the ability to see things at a greater distance, track things with his eyes, and punch himself in the face. Ok, he always had that last one. He’s also making more noises which sound like accidental vocalizations.

Mom went to the doctor yesterday afternoon, which led to his first stay at home alone with dad. Things went great at first, but then he realized I did not have breasts. He got overtired and fussy, and we were glad to see mom come home.

After the rough night with dad we approached his first restaurant visit with some trepidation, but he handled it like a champ. We got to eat on the patio at El Chilito, and Nathan passed out. He has been invited to his first birthday party this afternoon, hopefully we didn’t use up all his good behavior.

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