5 Months Old

A selection of pictures taken this morning on his 5 month birthday.

In the past week he has had 3 visits to the pediatrician with a rash, then a cough and finally a fever. The rash is eczema/dermatitis and is waning with treatment, as is the cough. With the fever he got his first antibiotic, a nasty smelling pink liquid administered by syringe. He fought it for days, clamping his mouth shut and screaming, but this morning he looked at it and opened his mouth. He still hates it, but he decided to cooperate. I was ridiculously proud.

He wants to hold his own bottle but still isn’t very good at it, so you have to hold it down at the end where he can’t see you so he feels like he’s doing all the work. He also started throwing toys in the past week. He’ll move them from his left hand to his right hand, sizing up the weight and getting a good grip, then fling it. His record is about 5 feet.

He was sleeping though the night until about a week ago, but with his rash/congestion/fever it’s been a challenge. Hopefully he’ll get that back now that he is recovering, as we are both beat.

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    You left out the part about how he smiles like crazy even when he’s sick and how he likes to pet the dog and the condescending look he reserves for people who dare to baby talk to him and the part about how he puts his little arm around your neck to give little Berbs hugs. You forgot his favorite book is The Hungry Caterpillar.

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    Grandma Norris

    How is it possible? When he was born I thought he was perfect, and nothing is better than perfect, right? But he is getting even MORE perfect! Perfectly adorable, perfectly brilliant, superbly athletic. I really need to come and get one of those little Berbs hugs. And remember not to talk baby talk.

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