2016, Day One

One of the things I’d like to do this year is post something about the boy every day. It may not be much each day, but I’d like to chronicle a year of his life now that he’s changing so much and so quickly. So here goes. 
Tonight, in the hour before his bedtime, I wasn’t feeling well and was sitting in bed. He was on the bed and we were playing with his Hot Wheels while his mother cleaned his room. Every ten minutes or so our play would be interrupted by me experiencing a wave of nausea, and he’d give me a thoughtful look and then smile and say, “Hey, I know! Feel better with… grape juice!” And he’d give me some grape juice and wait for me to smile. Or it’d be strawberries, which he’d go get from the other room and carefully carry in on a plate. Or his red plastic car that he calls Lightning McQueen, which he’d show me and exclaim how “HUUUGE” it was compared to the cars we had. He was concerned, wanted me to feel better and formulated multiple plans to make that happen. And it worked every time. 

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